Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flat out awesome

Action Alley at Walmart is my enemy.

You know what Action Alley is - the shelves of goodies that are stuffed in the middle of the aisle.

Why is it my enemy?

1. Because those shelves are taking up precious space that I need to push my overloaded cart with two monkey-like children hanging off of it.

2. The product on those shelves entices said monkey-like children to gasp and shriek "MOMMMMMMMY! Can we get THIS?!?!" In other words, the featured products are usually not on our grocery list.

You get the picture.

This week, though, during my Saturday grocery trip, it was me who was shrieking as a result of an Action Alley product display.

Individual sized serving of Flat Out bread?! Flat Out bread in individual servings featuring olive oil and rosemary?!

I can make pizza... or turkey sandwiches... or breakfast sandwiches... or toast them and cut them up to eat with my avocado and orange salad...

I was so excited, I almost started weeping.

And then I realized: where are the monkeys?

Gotta go.

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